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Alpha Male Madness 2015: Vote in the Elite 8 Now!

if you go here you can vote for Jensen in the Handsome 8. He apperears in ‘game 1′ against Bob Morley (The 100)

We’re proud to present The Handsome 8! (And now we’re dreaming of a new boy-band with all our favorite TV leading men!)
Alpha Male Madness 2015 is down to the Elite 8, y’all, and the competition is fierce. Left to duke it out for the title after the last round? Two demon hunters, Captain Hook, a beast, 1/100 of The 100, a Scottish soldier, a hooded hero and Captain Tight Pants.
Some of the heavyhitters knocked out in the not-so-Sweet 16? A Supernatural star (Misha Collins), one of the Arrow’s heroes (Colton Haynes) and Sherlock Holmes himself, Benedict Cumberbatch.
But there’s no time to mourn the pretty as we’re kicking off the next round of voting right now!
Voting in the Elite 8 ends on Sunday, April 26 at 5 p.m. PT, with the four top vote-getters moving onto the next round that’ll kick off on Monday. Ain’t no rest for the handsome…or for you, as you can vote as many time and as often as you’d like. Congratulations, you now have weekend plans!
Make sure to spread the word about the tournament on Twitter, using the #AlphaMaleMadness hashtag and tweeting @kristindsantos.
And sorry, but at this time, fans currently can’t vote in mobile devices. We know, we know, it’s super-lame and we’re working on it, we swear!


Apr 26, 2015

Off for a week

Just letting you all know I will be away for a week, in that period of time the site won’t be updated, but as soon as I return on Sunday 26th I will collect all the missing news and post them.

take care

Apr 18, 2015

ANNOUNCEMENT TIME ! Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki

Jensen and Jared wants to tell you something, take a look

from “Moose” and “Squirrel”
so… we wanted to take a little time to let you guys know what we’ve been planning over the last couple weeks :).

here goes…
with the crazy success of the #SPNFamily, and #AlwaysKeepFighting campaigns, we’ve seen FIRST-HAND the kinds of amazing things that can be accomplished when we all work together to support causes that are important and meaningful to us all.
With y’all’s help, we’ve been able to raise (literally!) hundreds of thousands of dollars to support great organizations. Organizations like To Write Love On Her Arms, Wounded Warriors, St. Jude’s, Attitudes In Reverse, The Down Syndrome Connection, and more.

Beyond the financial benefits to these charities (and, in our opinions, even MORE IMPORTANTLY), we’ve also been able to start conversations about issues that have, up to now, been so heavily stigmatized by those who don’t understand, that they were often just avoided outright or hidden. We, as a group, have been able to offer support and love to people who we have never had the pleasure of meeting face-to-face.

Y’all rock.

Take it from two guys who flip through their comment sections every now and again, YOU ARE HELPING COUNTLESS OTHERS!

The causes we’ve been able to support so far are fantastic and deserving. We can’t wait to continue to work with them in the future. Wonderfully, our eyes have been opened to lots of other charities and causes that might need a helping hand to grow, or may not have even been started yet!

With that in mind, and with the understanding that there are SO MANY great organizations out there that could use a little push, we (Jensen and Jared, Dean and Sam, Squirrel and Moose, Jason and Dean [for you Smallville and Gilmore Girls fans], you get the idea) have decided to start a fund to support a variety of causes, now and in the future, that can help make the world as we know it a better place. We have a close friend (though much older than we) that “Randomly” performs certain “Acts” that change the world, and people’s lives, for the better. It’s been an inspiration, and we thought, we should do that too!

We have the “bug”. We want to seek out and find MORE worthy causes (while still supporting the aforementioned charities, of course) so that there can be an overwhelming abundance of places people can go to seek help. Whether it’s for mental illness, depression, addiction, or for causes that we are not even aware of yet!

In addition to the fund that we have started, we are ALSO going to work with that guy named Misha Collins (maybe you’ve heard of him) and his wonderful charity “Random Acts” to increase our reach and accomplish things that we simply could not accomplish alone. We’ve learned, after all these years, that things are better when we’re all working together.

So, there you have it.

Us. Y’all.
Y’all. Us.

Making the world a better place :).


Apr 17, 2015

Supernatural: 10×18 ‘Book of the Damned’ captures

I’ve added some HD captures from last night’s Supernatural episode ‘Book of the Damned’

Apr 16, 2015

Supernatural: 10×19 ‘The Werther Project’ preview

Sam (Jared Padalecki) learns that former Men of Letters, Magnus, once built a magical box and Sam sets out to find it in the hopes it can cure Dean (Jensen Ackles) of the Mark of Cain. However, what he’s not prepared for is the deadly alarm system Magnus set up on the box. When Sam opens the box, he puts both his and Dean’s life in danger.

Apr 16, 2015